SubDAO is excited to share that it has received investment from Huobi DeFi Labs in the latest round of fundraising, marking the formation of a vital partnership between SubDAO and Huobi DeFi Labs. As an ecosystem investment fund within Huobi Group, Huobi DeFi Labs is committed to establishing a new financial system for the future through cooperation with cryptocurrencies and communities worldwide. The founder team of SubDAO is composed of the former IBM Technical Team Lead and well-known early Polkadot’s developers, with rich experience working for IBM, Tencent, Alibaba, and so on.

We believe that with the support of the…

We are very honored to announce that SubDAO has officially completed the first milestone delivery for Web3 Foundation Grants and passed the acceptance test.

SubDAO joined the Grants scheme in November 2020 and is also the first Polkadot project to implement DAO basic functions on Substrate, opening a new exploration of DAO governance on the Polkadot ecosystem. The ultimate goal of SubDAO is to provide an open SDK for the Polkadot ecosystem and promote the common development of DApp and the DAO ecosystem on the Polkadot ecosystem.

We are very honored to announce that SubDAO has received an investment from Hypersphere Ventures which has become a strategic partner of SubDAO. In addition, Jack Platts, former Head of Collaborations of the Web3 Foundation, and Co-founder of Hypersphere Ventures, officially serves as the Strategetic Contributor of SubDAO, providing comprehensive guidance for the development of SubDAO.

Hypersphere Ventures is a Polkadot Ecosystem Fund led by Polkadot Co-Founder Robert Habermeier and Former Web3 Foundation advisor Jack Platts. The founding team of SubDAO is composed of the former Technical Team Leader of IBM and the well-known early developers of Polkadot. The past…

PDA, Polkadot DAO Alliance initiated by SubDAO, has been running for two weeks and we are continuously welcoming new members to the alliance. Today, we are excited to announce five new members to PDA, zCloak Network, Clover, MathChain, Apron, and Stone. Up to now, there is 16 PDA members in total. We believe that the addition of the second batch of members will inject more comprehensive capability to the development of DAO.

The Polkadot DAO Alliance will, as always, look forward to the participation of more projects with the same philosophy, recognition and support of DAO. In this way, we…

The heated discussion of “Democratic Governance of Polkadot “ in the Polkadot DAO Alliance Summit Panel 1 has sparkles of many brilliant ideas, and Panel 2 continued to give us profound insights!

Recently, Wyoming has created a piece of legislation that will recognize Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) as legitimate enterprises in the United States. The Wyoming Senate voted 28–2 to push a law that many are calling ‘the Wyoming DAO bill’, to Wyoming’s house of representatives, where it will be voted on next. This is undoubtedly an amazing piece of news for all following DAO closely.

Polkadot DAO Alliance Summit…

Polkadot is a significant landmark of the Web 3.0 world in terms of both technology and its core conception. From ancient times, we human beings have never stopped the pursuit of democracy in different historical contexts. We have started wars, overturned governance, and established new regimes. Until now, we are still on the way to a better democracy.

Today, based on advanced technology, we do not need to risk our lives for a better democracy anymore. We live in a virtual world and execute our voting right on our own decision. …

On Mar 28, Qiang, a technical contributor representative of SubDAO was invited to Polkadot Warriors community and had an AMA session with the community. Qiang revealed many special things about the project, roadmap updates, and answered questions from the community about the DAO service that they are building on the Polkadot ecosystem.

SubDAO is a Cross-chain Platform built by SubDAO Labs to link DAO and DApp on Polkadot. It will be the infrastructure to maintain DAO and connect DApp with DAO in the world of Web3.0 powered by Substrate and Polkadot.

Below is a recap of the questions and answers from the AMA session.

1. Can you please answer my question. What is your “selling point” that makes subDAO better than other similar platforms?

Qiang: Thanks for this great question.

First, as I…

About Polkadot DAO Alliance

The emergence of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) has clearly shown us something broader than the typical definition of organization, as it is a social group gathering people together to work towards one collective goal, with the successful realization of digital democracy and decision-making. DAO has presented a brand new organization form with trustless, borderless, transparent, accessible, interoperable, and composable features, to create fundamental influence on how communication, coordination, and benefit allocation work in our society. We believe strongly that DAO will be the ultimate form of the crypto society and economy.

Here we present the Polkadot DAO Alliance, or PDA…

SubDAO’s Vision and Mission

As the global economy has recently suffered from another recession, Bitcoin is making its way to disrupt the perception of the crypto-conservatives, showing the world what it was created for and all the dirty deals behind the scene.

Whether you are enthusiastic or unwilling to accept it, blockchain has become an inescapable topic for all. Over the past decade, blockchain technology has been slowly growing in its gestation period, subtly influencing the development of human society in many ways. In addition to bringing new changes in the financial field, the application of blockchain technology has also revolutionized the forms of…

SubDAO Network

A Cross-chain Platform built by SubDAO Labs to link DAO and DApp on Polkadot. For more:

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