Ventures DAO Template Beta Testing Event — How To Participate and Win Airdrop Rewards

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7 min readApr 2, 2022

The SubDAO team is glad to announce the release of the Ventures DAO Template Beta version. We believe in true community governance that allows everyone to participate equally in the future of finance — DeFi.

Our product, the Ventures DAO template, revolutionizes governance in finance, bringing a new perspective to the future of organizations and investments. We understand the transitioning of internet protocol to Web 3.0, and we do not want you left behind; as a result, we have created a unique way to allow DAO-Based Venture capitals and financial institutions to participate in Web 3.0.

What’s more? It only takes one click.

What is The Ventures DAO Template?

Ventures DAO template is a protocol from the SubDAO team which allows multiple users to establish decentralized venture capital. Hence, crucial financial and investment decisions like fundraising, asset management, and equity settlements can be completed on-chain.

The Ventures DAO Template also supports both primary and secondary market investments, as well as NFT assets purchase. In the future, the SubDAO team will upgrade the Ventures DAO Template to allow DEX transactions by supporting dApps like Uniswap, dYdX, PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, and more.

The Ventures DAO Template Beta Testing & Airdrop Event

The SubDAO team recognizes the efforts and support of the community on the progress of the protocol so far; as a result, we are holding a beta testing event, where participating community members can win massive amounts from a total reward pool of 100,000 GOV($22,000).

All you have to do is to test the functionality of the Ventures DAO Template, complete necessary tasks, and you will be rewarded according to the number of tasks completed.

Fair game?

How To Participate in the Ventures DAO Template Beta Testing Event

You can participate in the Beta testing and airdrop event in two simple steps.

  • The first step to participating in the Beta testing event is to claim testnet tokens as follows:

*Claim BNB test coin via Binance Smart Chain Faucet Website.

*Claim the USDT test coin (BNB Smart Chain) by submitting your address here.

The SubDAO team will distribute test tokens to applicants every day at 9:00 am (UTC) from the event starts. Ensure that you utilize the test tokens given to you in order to be eligible for the airdrop rewards.

  • After receiving test tokens, you can participate in the event via this link.

More Information will be available on the event page.

Extra Points for Completing Tasks

As part of the Beta-Testing event, you have to also complete the additional tasks outlined below, the higher the point you earn, the higher the reward you will receive.

  • Follow & join our social channels.
  • Click to join the Ventures DAO created by the SubDAO team: SubDAO BSC Community.
  • Create your own Ventures DAO based on our template, and invite your friends to subscribe to the Ventures DAO you created.
  • Tell us about your experience using the Ventures DAO template.

Details on point metrics will be available on the event page.

PLEASE NOTE: We will have a leaderboard for participants, so the MORE quests you complete, the higher your chances of staying at the top of the leaderboard.

Below is the Reward distribution based on the final leaderboard standings.

  • First Tier(Top 1%): 15,000GOV
  • Second Tier ( >1% to <5%): 14,000GOV
  • Third Tier (>5% to <15%): 13,000GOV
  • Fourth Tier (>15% to <35%): 10,000GOV
  • Fifth Tier (>35% to <90%): 15,000GOV
  • Sixth Tier (>90%): 8,000GOV

REMEMBER: Participants will be ranked on the leaderboard according to the number of tasks completed. Higher bonuses will be shared among the Top participants. So, do your best to complete all tasks in order to stay on top of the leaderboard.

Exclusive bonus for top 10 Ventures DAO creators

Participants who invite the most members to subscribe to the equity token on their own Ventures DAO to receive additional bonus rewards as outlined below.

  • First Place: 10,000GOV
  • Second Place: 6,000GOV
  • Third Place: 3,000GOV
  • Forth to Tenth Places: 1,000GOV each

Bonus Reward Distribution

All bonus tokens will be distributed to the winners of this event within 72 hours after TGE; Specific details will be disclosed on our official channels.

Guide for Ventures DAO Template

The Ventures DAO Template released by SubDAO redefines the way of Web3.0 crypto asset management and provides a complete template for developers/managers. With Ventures DAO Template, you can create your own Ventures DAO with one click and a simple setup.

There are 3 stages when using the SubDAO Ventures DAO Template: Creation — Management — Redemption and Dividends.

Ventures DAO creation will be as following steps, please enter the test website by this URL:

Connect the wallet, click “More DAOs”, then it will skip to the following page.

Click “Create DAO” to set the basic information. The basic information required to be set by the DAO creator includes Logo, DAO Name, DAO Description, and Twitter account link connected with the DAO.

After completing the basic information according to the prompts, click “Next” to select the template of the DAO, and click “Use” to select the Ventures DAO template.

Fill in the basic information of the Ventures DAO including GP carry, Management Fee, GP Address, GP Bonus, Fund Type, Fund Soft Cap, Fund Hard Cap, Equity Token Name, Equity Token Symbol, Vote. Among these items, the usage of the Management Fee will be jointly decided by GPs, such as to support hackathons and the GP onsite meeting, etc.

After confirming the information, click “Submit”. Your own Ventures DAO has been created successfully after confirming by the wallet!

After completing the creation, the DAO Equity Token will be issued successfully, and the DAO creator can initiate the Equity Token subscription. The subscription time is divided into “GP Period” and “LP Period”.

To initiate a GP subscription, information required to complete includes Raising Time, Total Raising Ratio of GP, Max Deposit per GP, Min Deposit per GP.

Note⚠️: Only the GP addresses set at creation are eligible to participate in the subscription. A short GP period is recommended. After the GP Period ends, it enters the LP Period.

To initiate LP subscription, information required to complete includes Raising Time, Total Raising Ratio of LP, Max Deposit per LP, Min Deposit per LP, Whitelist.

Note ⚠️: Everyone is eligible to participate in the subscription in the LP Period by default. A long LP Period is recommended for inviting more members to participate in DAO’s LP subscription.

All DAOs are only visible to the creator before submitting an official application to SubDAO. The creator can share the link with GPs and LPs who need to participate in the subscription, or fill in the information on the “Homepage Display Application”.

If you encounter any problems when testing, welcome to join the SubDAO official telegram group for feedback and solutions.

Closing Thoughts

The Ventures DAO beta-testing event presents everyone with an excellent opportunity to experience the new protocol developed by SubDAO.

Don’t stay left behind; get rewarded as you join in the revolution of finance, investments, and venture capitals, as we provide a way for everyone to participate in and govern DAO investment in the Web3.0 world.

The SubDAO team is committed to mapping out an accessible entrance into the Web3.0 internet phase; hence, we work hard to keep developing revolutionary products to realize this vision.

Never miss out on any update! Follow our social channels, and join our community of visionaries to stay updated.

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