SubDAO’s Vision: How Will Organizations Evolve in the Next Decade?

SubDAO’s Vision and Mission

As the global economy has recently suffered from another recession, Bitcoin is making its way to disrupt the perception of the crypto-conservatives, showing the world what it was created for and all the dirty deals behind the scene.

Figure 1 Centralized Organization -> Decentralized Organization

SubDAO Network

SubDAO Network is a Polkadot-based DAO management platform developed with the Substrate framework, aiming to provide a chain of tools to facilitate DAO’s creation, funding pool management, voting, and customization, to assist DAO creators and participants in the governance of their organizations. With SubDAO Network, DAO creators can build and customize DAOs quickly and easily. Meanwhile, DAO’s participants will be able to take part in its governance.

Figure 2 Structure of SubDAO Network
  • SubDAO Airfone SDK is a set of SDKs to provide developers with links to the DAOs in the SubDAO Network, providing a DAO governance interface wrapper that allows developers to easily and quickly integrate DAO governance capabilities into applications on the web, iOS/Android mobile devices, and PCs.
  • SubDAO App Frontend is the interface for users to interact with the DAO. Through SubDAO App Frontend, participants of the DAO can directly participate in the governance of the DAO.
  • SubDAO Smart Contract is the core of the DAO’s governance. With smart contracts, the governance behavior of the DAO can be guaranteed without human interference. There are several components in SubDAO smart contract, namely Template Library, Asset Vault, and SubDAO Guard.

SubDAO’s Ambition

Pioneers are starting to embrace the Web 3.0 world whereas others are still living in the Web 2.0 era, an era will soon be abandoned by the history. SubDAO aims to provide the tools of DAO governance to those who embrace the trend that DAO will be the future form of organization, while also introducing a new world to those who know nothing about DAO!


Every brave person who stands up and makes a difference in the world!

In the End

Ask me and you will always hear the answer you know.



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SubDAO Protocol

SubDAO is a DAO infrastructure that helps manage digital assets through middleware, multi-sig, and other decentralized features.