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SubDAO Toda Moon Roadmap

We set out our roadmap, a step-by-step plan to realize our final aim — “One DAO Serves All”. Since this month, the roadmap has guided our approach to how we have realized the goals on the basis of product, community and technique, and so on. This article sets out the arrangements that will be put in place in SubDAO. You will find out about all our endeavors here.

Part 1 Product & Technology Development


  1. SubDAO’s official website has been upgraded and revised, which will bring the audience a brand new visual presentation. The revision presents the new look, and also shows some differences in the structure of the official website and the display unit on the homepage.

2. SubDAO developers have built the Dapp for users to create their DAO with a few clicks. In order to make the DAO integrate with the social platform, SubDAO developers created the Chrome Extension which helps users to use their Twitter participating in the DAO world and govern their DAO.

3. SubDAO is aiming to build a tool for all social platform users — — Chrome Extension will provide users more ways to engage their audience and invite them to participate in the DAO governance. It has been launched on Google Chrome Store. SubDAO has completed the second Grant and submitted it for verification. Users can initiate voting on DAO governance on Twitter, and send traditional red pockets in the form of encrypted assets with the SubDAO Chrome extension. To achieve governance, users can use a small and light Chrome extension, which greatly reduces the threshold for participation. The tool also costs little GAS fees. Developers can easily and quickly integrate DAO management functions into applications on the Internet, iOS/Android mobile devices, and PCs.

More details:

4. SubDAO officially released the PolkaSign product development plan, aiming to provide electronic protocols in the form of Web 3.0 to replace the system in Web 2.0. This article will introduce PolkaSign in detail from multiple perspectives.

PolkaSign is a Web3.0 application for electronic protocols built on the Polkadot ecosystem. PolkaSign uses the Substrate Framework based on the SubDAO network to develop, can be replaced with any Substrate-based chain, and provides services for any type of organization with electronic agreements.

Check more details:


  1. SubDAO implements the basic functions of DAO on Substrate for the first time and releases Demo videos. The basic functions include creating DAO, managing the assets vault and members, and conducting voting governance. So far, all modules and contracts of SubDAO have been integrated, becoming the first Polkadot project to implement DAO basic functions on Substrate, opening a new exploration of Polkadot ecological DAO governance.
  2. SubDAO has completed the first milestone delivery for Web3 Foundation Grants and passed the acceptance test.

(View deliverables on Github: )

3. SubDAO blockchain and Smart Contract development.

Commits · SubDAO-Network/subDAO-contracts (

Commits · SubDAO-Network/subDAO-frontend (

The detail includes:

  • Upgraded the master node to Substrate3.0+, deploy a multi-node testnet
  • Expanded flexibility on module design and adjusts to add new modules after creation.
  • Adjusted the authority control voting module on the Vote process (Adds the function of setting the voting crowd, and add the optional range when voting).
  • Added voting and approval procedures for withdrawal applications on Vault (Anyone can initiate a withdrawal application, which is required to vote for it by a moderator so that the withdrawal can pass the verification).
  • Adjusted the logic of personnel settings on Org, which can increase the way for personnel to join the organization (Org adds personnel to exit independently).
  • Optimized the deposit process and increase withdrawal approval.

Other user experience and performance optimization :

  • Optimized the Moderator Permission management;
  • Fix list DAO instance owner logic bug;
  • Compiled DAO manager contract.

Part 2 Brand Building

Building of Polkadot DAO Alliance

  1. PDA — — Polkadot DAO Alliance was officially established by 11 initiators including Plasm, Phala, Stafi, Crust, Litentry, Bifrost, Patract, Darwina, Zenlink, and DeepDAO, which helps DAO in several aspects including DAO infrastructure development in Polkadot, explore the realization of DAO governance, promote the compliance progress of DAO globally.
  2. The first Polkadot DAO Alliance global summit was held. In summit there are two significant topics are related including the Democratic Governance of Polkadot and Current DAO Governance Status and the Future Projects.
  3. Five new members join the PDA, and 16 members in total. Five new members include zCloak Network, Clover, MathChain, Apron, and Stone
  4. Manta Network has joined the Polkadot DAO Alliance
PDA Members

Offline Promotion

  1. SubDAO contributors are invited to become the guest and join many offline events, which are the good chances to let more people know SubDAO and make the contribution for Polkadot ecosystem.
  2. SubDAO was invited to join the Tides 2021 Blockchain Industry Influence Summit. SubDAO discussed the development direction of digital assets together with influencers around the world and introduced the advantages of SubDAO.

Part 3 Marketing Performance

Community Building

  1. SubDAO completed the first massive community event and attracted more attention in the crypto world: 40000GOV+5000USDT Airdrop Event

On March 25, SubDAO held the first round of large-scale community airdrop activities, which received 29,000 retweets, and nearly 2,000 users completed tasks and received airdrop rewards.


2. Whitepaper Understanding Event

The series of the SubDAO Whitepaper event not only makes the community know more about the SubDAO and its concepts but also gives a good chance to attract more cryptocurrency users by the charm of the SubDAO technology.

3. Telegram Active Competition

Telegram Active Competition aiming to invite more volunteer admins to explain the project’s technology, which helps people to know more about SubDAO, defining the SubDAO ecosystem, etc., and provide new users with related topics.

4. AMA with Sang Tran — SubDAO’s Community Contributor

On June 17, Sang Tran — Community Contributor of SubDAO participated in the AMA session with the SubDAO community to reveal many special things about SubDAO, update the working progress, as well as answer questions from the community about the DAO service and our upcoming plans.

5. Meme Contest

More than 300 users contribute their wisdom and creativity to the meme event. The meme shows that they support SubDAO and hope SubDAO will have the best future.

Meme works from the First Award Winner @piatekgg8

6. Twitter 50K Followers Celebration Event

To appreciate the support from the community, and celebrating the good news that SubDAO official Twitter has 50K followers, the SubDAO team set $ 1000 GOV bonus pool and 50 lucky followers will win the bonus.

7. Do Your Own DAO Q&A Event

DAO is an important part of the SubDAO story, so SubDAO holds an event to educate the community members to know more about DAO.

Team Building

  • SubDAO attracted Sang Tran and Tony Hoang, the founders of PolkaWarriors, known as a popular community in Polkadot ecology, to join the team

Part 4 Financing & Cooperation


  1. SubDAO has received an investment from Hypersphere Ventures which has become a strategic partner of SubDAO. In addition, Jack Platts, former Head of Collaborations of the Web3 Foundation, and Co-founder of Hypersphere Ventures, officially serves as the Strategic Contributor of SubDAO, providing comprehensive guidance for the development of SubDAO.
  2. SubDAO has received investment from Huobi DeFi Labs in the fundraising, marking the formation of a vital partnership between SubDAO and Huobi DeFi Labs
  3. SubDAO completed a new round of financing, involving dozens of investment institutions and individuals including Hypersphere Ventures, Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, CMS Holdings, Signum, NGC Ventures, Digital Finance Group(DFG), Spark, SevenX, LD Capital, Digital Renaissance Foundation, Dealean, Kernel, Divergence Ventures, Bixin Ventures, Kenetic Capital, AU21 Capital, Illusionist Group to participate, and individuals including early team members and former chief growth officer of the DCG Group, Massari founders Ryan Selkis, Mask Network founders Suji participated in the investment.
SubDAO Investment Institutions

Strategic Cooperation

  1. SubDAO and Vulcan DAO have reached strategic cooperation. SubDAO will act as a service provider to help Vulcan DAO reconstruct the power structure of the art market, promote the economic innovation of creators, and jointly define the future of open art.
  2. SubDAO has reached strategic cooperation with Patract, a Wasm smart contract solution provider for Polkadot
  3. SubDAO reached a cooperation with the privacy-preserving AI network PlatON

All things for SubDAO sets out a comprehensive and coordinated plan for addressing all the hardworking details, including steps and indicative timeframes needed to do so, and paves the way for implementation. All this supports the consistency of actions to be taken over the coming months and enhances the ability to address the SubDAO team’s success.

About SubDAO

SubDAO is a DAO infrastructure based on Polkadot, where any decentralized organization is allowed to conveniently create and manage a DAO. SubDAO does not only connect DAO with DApps to realize DAO’s cross-chain management but also bridges Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

The founding team of SubDAO is composed of the former Technical Team leader of the IBM Group and many early well-known developers from Polkadot. All team members own rich experiences in Internet companies such as IBM, Tencent, and Alibaba. Jack Platts, former Director of External Cooperation of the Web3 Foundation and Partner of Hypersphere Ventures, serves as a strategic contributor to SubDAO. So far SubDAO has completed multi-million dollar financing including Hypersphere, Huobi Ventures, and other institutions.

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SubDAO Protocol

SubDAO is a DAO infrastructure that helps manage digital assets through middleware, multi-sig, and other decentralized features.