SubDAO Launched PolkaSign Beta Which Will be Embedded in Ventures DAO

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4 min readDec 21, 2021

The third Grant product, PolkaSign developed by SubDAO Labs, is on official submission to the Web3 Foundation, which is a remark that it has nearly completed the development of an earlier version of the product.

The PolkaSign is developed with Substrate Framework based on the SubDAO Network, which can be replaced with any Substrate Based Chains, and serves any kind of orgs with electronic agreements. The goal of PolkaSign is to provide electronic agreements in a web 3.0 way to replace the systems in web 2.0.

PolkaSign is an important component in the exploration of the DAO field for SubDAO. SubDAO plans to officially launch the Ventures DAO feature embedded in the PolkaSign in the first quarter of 2022. It will allow DAO funds to sign investment agreements directly through PolkaSign. Ventures DAO, a very powerful DAO template, is a Financial Oriented DAO within SubDAO, which allows multiple initiators to launch a DAO fund together. More specific details about Ventures DAO will be shortly disclosed.

About PolkaSign

The PolkaSign is a web3.0 app for electronic agreements built on top of the Polkadot Ecosystem. The electronic agreement is well-known in web2.0 instead of paper agreements used thousands of years in historical time. With electronic agreements, commercial activities become much more efficient and have a lower cost than ever. The whole human world has benefited from electronic agreements in the past 30 years. While we have more and more electronic agreements signed, an increasing number of issues are exposed. Such as electronic agreements being stored in a centralized system, fraud in electronic agreements, and others. With PolkaSign, anyone can sign an electronic agreement with whoever he/she wants. To sign an electronic agreement, you simply need to upload your agreement document, and sign it in PolkaSign, then share the link to the co-signer.

PolkaSign combines blockchain and decentralized storage to provide a reliable electronic agreements platform. The decentralized storage system, such as IPFS, Swarm, or Crust in the Polkadot ecosystem, provides the storage for the agreement files. At the current state, only PDF is supported. The information of agreement, including signature, signer, agreement files list, etc., is written with a smart contract on the blockchain. The PolkaSign provides a dapp to handle agreement files, co-signer, and links, to interact with decentralized storage and smart contracts on the blockchain. The smart contracts of PolkaSign are based on ink!, any substrate-based chain can adopt these smart contracts easily.


Below is the workflow of how to use PolkaSign. Alice wants to sign an agreement with Bob, so she creates an electronic agreement with PolkaSign, and the electronic agreement files are stored in the decentralized storage system. Then Alice adds Bob’s wallet address as co-signer, and signs the contract with her private key. After that, Alice shares the information of agreement with Bob. When Bob launches PolkaSign with his wallet, he will find the very agreement to be signed by him. Everything is done when Bob approves and signs the agreement sent from Alice in PolkaSign.

Experience PolkaSign now

Step 1 Open the website and select “New Contract” to upload the PDF you want to sign (other formats such as images are not supported at this time).

Step 2 Fill in the address of the co-signer.

Step 3: Select the page you want to sign and click “My Signatures” to sign the agreement.

Step 4: Click “Send”, chain the file with your own signature, and wait for someone else to sign it.

Now the signing the agreement process is only open for users to experience on the beta version of PolkaSign, but uploading real files to the chain is not available yet. In practical applications, we will make more optimizations to make the experience of signing and chaining files smoother.

About SubDAO

SubDAO is a cross-chain DAO protocol based on Polkadot. It allows any decentralized organization to swiftly create and manage DAOs. We are committed to serving as a Web3.0 entry by providing blockchain-based digital agreement signing, DAO social networking, asset management, and other tools and services.

SubDAO has completed multi-million dollars financing from dozens of institutions including Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Fund, CMS, Hypersphere as well as investment by Messari founder Ryan Selkis. The founding team of SubDAO is composed of the former Technical Team leader of the IBM Group and many early well-known developers from Polkadot.

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SubDAO Protocol

SubDAO is a DAO infrastructure that helps manage digital assets through middleware, multi-sig, and other decentralized features.