SubDAO Development Updates in the First Two Months of 2022

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3 min readMar 3, 2022
SubDAO Development Updates

The first two months of 2022 have been a period of significant changes for SubDAO. In this period, big breakthroughs have been made including designing and developing the new tool Ventures DAO, optimizing functions of the DAO Wallet and DApp, and deploying the contract on Moonriver/Moonbeam. This post is going to provide an update on the progress we’ve made in the last several months, explain how our plans for SubDAO have evolved, and take a look at some new and updated aspects of SubDAO products.

Designing and Developing of Ventures DAO

Ventures DAO, developed by SubDAO, is applied to venture capital firms and groups based on DAO for Web 3.0, allowing multiple users to establish decentralized Venture Capital. Users can complete all investment decisions, fundraising, asset management, and equity settlement on SubDAO Ventures DAO. Ventures DAO supports both primary and secondary market investors, including participating in seed funding, purchasing NFT assets, and conducting DEX transactions, and the Uniswap, dYdX, Pancake platforms, etc. will continue to be supported on the Ventures DAO.

According to the roadmap, the development of Ventures DAO will be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

Until now, the completed development works are as follow:

  • Researched the demands of Ventures DAO, designed the basic architecture, and completed the product prototype drawing
  • Adjusted specific details and integrated the feedback from the SubDAO partners in the Ventures DAO, including voting, vault management, etc., and redesigned the product prototype
  • Developed the front end and back end of Ventures DAO, and deployed the contract, the specific details included optimizing the gateway configuration of IPFS, completing some functions of implementation in Investment management, optimizing the voting initial settings
  • Edited the NFT demos, and tested the NFT purchases
  • Jointly adjusted the components and front end, and added processing logic of voting, vault, etc.
  • Wrote DEX demos to test access

Optimizing the Functions of DAO Wallet

SubDAO DAO Wallet and Dapp have achieved success in the degree. However, to improve the experience, the SubDAO team never stops making them better for use.

  • Optimized ETH addresses display
  • Optimized the function of importing private keys and Mnemonic words, and the saving methods of the account and password
  • Connected with the contract of the red packet, and adjusted the logic of the transaction signature, improved the security
  • Completed the development of token transfer

Optimizing the Functions of Dapp

  • Developed the Dapp contract based on Solidity and jointly adjusted Dapp front end with DAO contract
  • Configured the voting contracts, org components, vault after the DAO created
  • Adjusted the voting to action model and tested, and vault logic
  • Optimized the script of the contract deployment
  • Added the display of the amounts on the token balance account like GOV, KSM, and MOVR

Deployed the Contract on Moonriver

The SubDAO aims to bring its DAO infrastructure tools to Moonriver/Moonbeam. In this period, the SubDAO team is committed to developing the SubDAO protocol based on Solidity standard to adapt to the Moonriver network.

  • Developed the contract based on Solidity
  • Integrated with the graph of Moonriver on the Ventures DAO
  • Optimized the graph data processing

At the core of all of this is a commitment to creating the best products we possibly can — to contributing to the whole crypto industry that surprises and delights users while empowering participators for many years to come. SubDAO has spent much time considering many possible approaches to launch, factoring in many different perspectives, doing a ton of research, and developing better products to meet our goals.

About SubDAO

SubDAO is a cross-chain DAO protocol based on Polkadot. It allows any decentralized organization to swiftly create and manage DAOs. We are committed to serving as a Web3.0 entry by providing blockchain-based digital agreement signing, DAO social networking, asset management, and other tools and services.

SubDAO has completed multi-million dollars financing from dozens of institutions including Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Fund, CMS, Hypersphere as well as investment by Messari founder Ryan Selkis. The founding team of SubDAO is composed of the former Technical Team leader of the IBM Group and many early well-known developers from Polkadot.

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SubDAO is a DAO infrastructure that helps manage digital assets through middleware, multi-sig, and other decentralized features.