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4 min readMay 12, 2022

SubDAO made a major breakthrough in January and February, designing and optimizing the functions of the DAO wallet and dApp. Following this success, the main focus in March and April was to ensure the full functionality of the Ventures DAO template.

Last month, we conducted a beta testing campaign for Ventures DAO Template. After the campaign, the team compiled feedback from test users, fixed issues, optimized some of the product features, and added new features to prepare for deployment on EVM chains such as Ethereum and Moonriver.

In terms of external cooperation, we are in close contact with our partners and actively expanding more ecological cooperation. The following is the progress of the project from March-April.

Ventures DAO Template Development Progress

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed permission management issues in Ventures DAO test version.
  • Fixed some front-end display issues of the Venture DAO project.
  • Fixed Venture DAO voting threshold processing.
  • Fixed the problem of threshold value in Venture DAO creation parameters.
  • Fixed issues related to the community feedback.
  • Repaired the problems found in the internal contract audit.

Function Optimization

  • Optimized Venture DAO vault fund management, divest investment funds, and management funds.
  • Optimized Venture DAO management cycle.
  • Optimized Venture DAO GP dividends and LP funds liquidation.
  • Optimized Venture DAO fund freezing logic.
  • Optimized the signature logic of the Venture DAO resource information storage.
  • Enabled the addition of Venture DAO LP whitelist; enabled support for Merkle tree and dynamic whitelist.
  • Optimized Venture DAO GP joining and exiting, as well as GP voting logic and dividend distribution logic.
  • Added usage logic for Venture DAO management.
  • Optimized the creation parameters of the Venture DAO.
  • Enabled the addition of social media information to Venture DAO.
  • Optimized the processing of the voting time limit.
  • Optimized dynamic adjustment of GP voting approval rate
  • Added search function to Venture DAO.
  • Added multi-language processing.
  • Optimized User Interface.
  • Audited the internal contract.

New Features

  • Added new Venture DAO templates.
  • Designed and implemented the Venture DAO contract.
  • Designed and implemented the Venture DAO front-end.
  • Added The Graph query
  • Added Pancake and Uniswap access
  • Added IPFS access to DAO resource information storage.
  • Deployed the Moonbeam test network version.
  • Deployed the BSC test network version.

Community Progress

  • From March 17-April 7, SubDAO hosted a 3-week community activation contest in the community.
  • SubDAO has made several breakthroughs in technology, product, and operation. On March 17, Tony, a core community contributor of SubDAO, launched an AMA sharing the recent project progress and the newly developed roadmap in the community.
  • From March 24 to 26, SubDAO held a quiz with prizes in the community. Thirty multiple-choice questions were asked, and community members were awarded points for correct answers. The participants with the highest points were awarded prizes. The quiz event was fun; members amassed knowledge about the project through the event, resulting in enthusiastic feedback from the community.
  • On March 31, SubDAO released a new product, Ventures DAO Template, providing a complete template for developers/managers, eliminating the need for additional development and maintenance costs, thereby lowering the threshold for creating and participating in an investment-based Ventures DAO.
  • From April 3 to 18, SubDAO started the Ventures DAO Template Beta Testing Campaign. A staggering 80,000 people participated in the campaign, causing the reward pool to be increased from 100,000 GOV to 110,000 GOV. In addition, the team received feedback from members of various language communities, including Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, And Vietnamese, which was duly acted upon.
  • On April 5, SubDAO reached 70,000 followers on Twitter. We appreciate our community members for their support and attention along the way, and we will continue to build great products that depict and create a barrier-free entrance to the Web3.0 world.
  • On April 7, SubDAO conducted an AMA around the newly released DAO template
  • From April 19 to April 24, a new round of daily quiz activities was held in the community.
  • On April 28, SubDAO held a Venture DAO popular knowledge-sharing event to help users better understand the concepts of “Venture” and “DAO.”

Brand Activities

  • On March 11, SubDAO was selected as a finalist in the BNB Chain MVB IV Incubation Program. Cryptocurrency’s MVB (Most Valuable Developer) program aims to accelerate top dApps and builders in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem; this plays a vital role in driving innovation and progress in the BSC ecosystem and the blockchain industry as a whole. As part of the $1 billion Growth Fund, Binance has invested $300 million in the MVB program to incubate early-stage projects and support their growth. SubDAO, as a finalist, will receive multi-dimensional support from the MVB IV incubation program.
  • On March 21, SubDAO and Darwinia entered into a strategic partnership where SubDAO will bring DAO infrastructure tools to the Darwinia and Crab Network ecosystems and integrate Darwinia Substrate into the Substrate bridge.
  • On April 11, SubDAO entered into a strategic partnership with MetaSense.

We understand that the bearish market is not optimal for investments right now. However, regardless of market conditions, the SubDAO team will continue to polish and strive to create the most suitable DAO investment product in the Web3 world.

About SubDAO

SubDAO is a multi-chain DAO protocol. It allows any decentralized organization to swiftly create and manage DAOs. We are committed to serving as a Web3.0 entry by providing blockchain-based digital agreement signing, DAO social networking, asset management, and other tools and services.

The founding team of SubDAO is composed of the former Technical Team leader of the IBM Group and many early well-known developers from Polkadot. SubDAO has completed multi-million dollar financing from dozens of institutions including Hypersphere, Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Fund, as well as investment by Messari founder Ryan Selkis.

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SubDAO Protocol

SubDAO is a DAO infrastructure that helps manage digital assets through middleware, multi-sig, and other decentralized features.