SubDAO Development Update — May to June 2022


User Interface (UI) Upgrade

  • Changed the UI layout structure as follows: Top: information bar, Bottom left: navigation, and Bottom right: display bar.
  • Added charts for “visualization of asset change” statistics.
  • Added charts to track the progress of new deposits.
  • Added more hover tips.
  • Added more shortcuts to trace transaction hash.
  • Added more pop-up instructions in multiple contract interactions such as Ventures DAO deployment, deposit and redemption, and provided shortcut keys for transaction hash trace ability.
  • Simplified the Ventures DAO creation page and changed the required configuration to a side-by-side format.
  • Changed the UI of the following functions to pop-up windows: Transfer (Token, NFT), Buy/Sell NFT, Super Manager, Management fee pool, and Add/Remove manager
  • Updated the UI of the Swap function, adding more parameters and hints, enabling closer access to the Uniswap native interaction page
  • Added “Handle” function to facilitate the positioning of specific DAOs
  • Added “Like” function, easy to find common DAOs
  • Added “My Tokens” list, easy to view Equity Token held
  • Added function to modify basic info and off-chain investment
  • Default voting period and execution.
  • In relation to the new addition of “Wallet Connect,” which facilitates interaction between DAO and third-party dApp
  • UI page for multi-signature queue
  • UI history page, etc.

Technical Updates

  • Carried out optimization upgrades for the BSC test network.
  • Migrated test network to Polygon Testnet and tested some functions.
  • Completed DAO vault support for ERC721, ERC1155, and other NFT protocols.
  • Conducted internal security review for DAO Ventures contract, found some security risk points, and finished fixing them after analyzing the defects according to the checklist.
  • Evaluated Rinkeby test network to access OpenSea for NFT transactions.
  • Completed The Graph data synchronization and supported the front-end search function.
  • Completed SubDAO data statistics tool to realize contract interaction statistics capability.
  • External code audit:
  • Compiled over 6,000 lines of contract code and submitted it to a third-party auditor for security audit
  • Analyzed the first “feedback” from the auditor on June 20
  • Completed two more rounds of technical discussions with the auditor, including an online meeting.
  • The external audit is in the final stage, awaiting the final audit report from the auditor.
  • After the audit is completed, the main network deployment will be carried out. we expect to receive the final audit report from the auditor within July.
  • Added a new multi-signature mechanism into the DAO vault, which will complement the “voting mechanism” and serve some specific functions in DAO contracts
  • Integrated Wallet Connect Protocol and completed on-chain interaction testing between SubDAO and Gem, a NFT market platform.
  • Completed the preparatory work of Aave contract integration.
  • Completed the integration of UniSwap and optimized the configuration of related parameters

Community Updates

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SubDAO is a DAO infrastructure that helps manage digital assets through middleware, multi-sig, and other decentralized features.

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SubDAO Protocol

SubDAO is a DAO infrastructure that helps manage digital assets through middleware, multi-sig, and other decentralized features.