Privacy DeFi Protocol Manta Network Joins Polkadot DAO Alliance

Privacy DeFi Protocol Manta Network Joins Polkadot DAO Alliance

The Polkadot DAO Alliance announced that Manta Network has joined us. Manta is a DeFi protocol focused on privacy. At present, Polkadot DAO Alliance members have expanded to 17 Polkadot ecological projects, covering DAO, smart contracts, DeFi, privacy, storage, and other fields.

Manta CSO Victor Ji said:

“It is honored that Manta is invited to join the Polkadot DAO Alliance so that we can build an open, transparent, and efficient decentralized community organization together with many Polkadot ecological projects. I hope Manta can better collaborate closely with other ecological members with the power of SubDAO and also provides support on privacy for the Polkadot ecology through DeFi infrastructure created by Manta, and finally, realize the jointly empowers the Polkadot ecology.”

With the ultimate goal of “Realizing real decentralization in Web3.0”, The Polkadot DAO Alliance actively promotes Polkadot and the wider ecological decentralized governance application and infrastructure construction and constantly explores new paths for DAO governance.

The alliance ecology has become more and more perfect with the gradual increase of members. Polkadot DAO Alliance is an open Polkadot Alliance organization. We welcome more projects that recognize and support DAO to become one of the members, and work together towards the aim of “Realizing Real Decentralization in Web3.0”!

About Manta Network

Manta Network is the plug-and-play privacy-preservation protocol built to service the entire DeFi stack. Built on Substrate to leverage interoperability and zkSNARKs to leverage scalable privacy, Manta Network offers a suite of products and services that enable privacy for blockchain projects include privacy payment MantaPay and privacy decentralized exchange MantaSwap. As part of its own suite of products, Manta Network offers private payment and private decentralized exchange, MantaSwap. Manta’s founding team comprises many US cryptocurrency veterans, professors, and scholars whose experience includes Harvard, MIT, and Algorand. The advisors of Manta include Hypersphere Ventures co-founder Jack Platts, Polychain partner Tekin Salimi, former Web3 Foundation co-founder Ashley Tyson, and Consensys’ Shuyao Kong. Manta has previously completed a million-dollar seed round of financing led by Polychain and participated by Three Arrows Capital, Multicoin, Alameda, and Hypersphere. Manta is also a grant fund recipient of Polkadot’s official Web3 Foundation. Manta also is an outstanding member of the Substrate Builder Program and the Blockchain Accelerator of the University of Berkeley.

About SubDAO

SubDAO is a DAO infrastructure based on Polkadot, where any decentralized organization is allowed to conveniently create and manage a DAO. SubDAO does not only connect DAO with DApps to realize DAO’s cross-chain management but also bridges Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

With the Web 2.0 middleware provided by SubDAO, users can conduct DAO governance directly on traditional social media platforms. Developers can quickly integrate DAO governance capacities with their apps on blockchain, webpage, and mobile. Meanwhile, SubDAO’s templates and ecosystem tools will realize crypto assets management, credit lending, and borrowing, real-time communication, and other decentralized functions for DAO.



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SubDAO Protocol

SubDAO is a multi-chain DAO protocol that helps manage digital assets through multi-signature, voting and other decentralized features.