PDA — Polkadot DAO Alliance Officially Established by 11 Initiators | First Online Global Summit on Apr. 6 and Apr. 7

About Polkadot DAO Alliance

Here we present the Polkadot DAO Alliance, or PDA, an organization initiated by SubDAO and joined by a dozen of Genesis members, including Plasm, Phala, Stafi, Crust, Litentry, Bifrost, Patract, Darwina, Zenlink, and DeepDAO.

Polkadot DAO Alliance is a DAO alliance aiming to promote the development of decentralized governance in the Polkadot ecosystem. The ultimate goal of PDA is to realize the true decentralization of Web 3.0.

Early-stage Objectives of PDA

DAO Infrastructure Development in Polkadot

Explore the Realization of DAO Governance

Promote the Compliance Progress of DAO Globally

Polkadot DAO Alliance Online Summit

More Events to Follow

Polkadot DAO Alliance is an open organization and we welcome all teams, who recognize and support DAO, to join.

SubDAO is a DAO infrastructure based on Polkadot. It allows any decentralized organization to swiftly create and manage DAOs.