PDA — Polkadot DAO Alliance Officially Established by 11 Initiators | First Online Global Summit on Apr. 6 and Apr. 7

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3 min readMar 26, 2021

About Polkadot DAO Alliance

The emergence of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) has clearly shown us something broader than the typical definition of organization, as it is a social group gathering people together to work towards one collective goal, with the successful realization of digital democracy and decision-making. DAO has presented a brand new organization form with trustless, borderless, transparent, accessible, interoperable, and composable features, to create fundamental influence on how communication, coordination, and benefit allocation work in our society. We believe strongly that DAO will be the ultimate form of the crypto society and economy.

Here we present the Polkadot DAO Alliance, or PDA, an organization initiated by SubDAO and joined by a dozen of Genesis members, including Plasm, Phala, Stafi, Crust, Litentry, Bifrost, Patract, Darwina, Zenlink, and DeepDAO.

Polkadot DAO Alliance is a DAO alliance aiming to promote the development of decentralized governance in the Polkadot ecosystem. The ultimate goal of PDA is to realize the true decentralization of Web 3.0.

Early-stage Objectives of PDA

PDA will work hard in the following three aspects:

DAO Infrastructure Development in Polkadot

PDA tasks itself with providing DAO governance services and promoting the development of DAO infrastructure for Polkadot and other ecosystems. The Alliance will establish a DAO Ecosystem Development Fund with several million dollars to offer financial support for early-stage projects of DAO and Web 3.0.

Explore the Realization of DAO Governance

Apart from infrastructure, there are other aspects to be explored in terms of the realization of DAO governance. For example, in the early stage of Web 3.0, we could connect Web 2.0 with Web 3.0 quickly in a way that doesn’t harm the decentralization.

Promote the Compliance Progress of DAO Globally

In the global promotion of DAO, it is inevitable to face restrictions from local laws. Hence, to push the compliance progress of DAO globally and make it recognized and usable legally is one of PDA’s vital goals.

Polkadot DAO Alliance Online Summit

PDA will host its first 2-day online summit, with two panels themed Democratic Governance on Polkadot and The Present and Future of DAO Governance, on Apr. 6 and Apr. 7 respectively.

More Events to Follow

Meanwhile, PDA will hold series online seminars for alliance members to evangelize DAO and exchange opinions. Each seminar will invite 2 PDA members and 1 mysterious guest to join. Furthermore, there will also be offline DAO Governance Summit annually in September and October organized by PDA, who will also publish a report on DAO Development Analysis of the year.

Polkadot DAO Alliance is an open organization and we welcome all teams, who recognize and support DAO, to join.



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